Why do you need an AMD ryzen Laptop?

Why do you need an AMD ryzen Laptop?

As an inquisitive laptop user, you need to research carefully before you make a laptop choice. You have quite a lot of options. You can either choose an Intel or amd ryzen laptop in terms of processors. The need and use of your laptop should influence what you want to choose. AMD ryzen laptop processors were created in 1969 by Jerry Sanders. The company's full name is Advanced Micro Devices, and it is listed as a stock with the short form AMD. Since its inception 53 years ago, this company has consistently been on the rise in the processor market. They have continued to sell more units and now own about 40% of the market. However, these laptops do not have the popularity of the media like the Intel processors have.

Globally, it seems that there are no laptop processors aside from the Intel processors. That is why you have different laptop users always screaming that they want an intel laptop. However, those who choose the AMD ryzen laptop never complain. They easily enjoy almost the same features and specs at a more affordable price. Different laptop brands now make AMD ryzen laptops. One of those brands remains the Honor Magicbook Laptop. This laptop comes with a Windows 10 operating system already installed, so all you need to do is to plug and play. Also, you get to have between the AMD Ryzen 3500 processor to the 4500 processor. It has an excellent display and a strong battery that does not take so long to charge. Let's not forget to mention the fingerprint embedded within the power button to help open your system faster.  Many features of this laptop will want to make you choose an AMD ryzen laptop. This guide will explain the benefits of choosing an AMD ryzen laptop.

Fast processors

If you are using your laptop for business reasons, speed is an important feature you want. You do not want to wait for many seconds after you have clicked a button before you see the window. With an AMD ryzen processor, your laptop speed will increase. The measure of how the speed will increase depends majorly on the type of AMD processor you have. If your AMD processors are the 4000 series and above, then your base speeds will be around 3GHz and when you want to boost it up, it can go as high as 4.2GHz.

Affordable prices

Everyone wants all the features and specifications for their laptops until they see the price. Usually, it is the cost of laptops that hinders most people from buying their dream laptop and settling for less. Except it is extremely urgent, we strongly advise that you save up to buy the laptop based on the need for it. Do not go ahead to buy any laptop because it has a low price. They may look alike, but these laptops have different specifications. When you search for laptops with AMD ryzen processors, you have many options. The cost of buying an AMD ryzen laptop is usually lower than the cost of buying other laptops. And the low price does not indicate that the laptop will not perform optimally.

Great laptop graphics

The graphics and display of a laptop are very important to any user, regardless of the laptop's purpose. When you have an AMD ryzen laptop, it has Radeon graphics technology embedded to give you the best graphics possible. When you choose an AMD ryzen laptop like the Honor Magicbook, you will even get to see clearly under the brightest light. Your Laptop will also protect your eyes by reducing blue light rays when necessary.


There are so many advantages to buying an AMD ryzen laptop. However, while buying you need to buy the right one. A great option to choose will be the Honor Magicbook Laptop that comes with either the AMD ryzen 3500 series or the 4500 series.