Tips For Preserving Your Battery’s Health

At one point or another, all laptop users have wondered why their laptop batteries do not last longer than expected. This stems from a lack of understanding about what makes laptop batteries tick and makes portable battery sellers like Portatilbateria the best in the market.

Not all portable batteries are created equal, but they all can convert chemical energy to electric current used to power numerous electric devices—these range from larger notebooks and gaming laptops to small digital music players.

Like car batteries, chemical reactions in portable batteries are designed to free electrons, moving from the positive terminal to the negative terminal. The resultant current levels are usually high enough to power most mobile devices. Let’s focus on tips for preserving PC battery’s health.

The difference between portable batteries and fuel cells

As technology continues to advance, traditional PC batteries may soon become obsolete. Advances in fuel-cell chemistry could mean that the next time you charge your notebook, it will run for days. In essence, these advanced batteries will contain chemicals like methanol in small tank partitions. Like miniature chemical plants, the same concept is applied to space shuttles, small power plants, and environmentally friendly cars.

Many fuel cells work on the principle of reverse water electrolysis. The concept is relatively simple – oxygen and hydrogen react to produce electricity. Fuel cells are anticipated to be clean energy sources.

Tips for preserving your portable battery life

1. Terminal care

It is vital to ensure the laptop’s battery contacts are free of grime, straight, and clean. Every couple of months, clean the contacts to eliminate grime and dirt that saps electrons. Inefficient connections can keep you from experiencing the best from your laptop.

2. Understand your performance modes

In most cases, the best performance can be obtained by trading off battery time to increase speed and responsiveness. For many laptops in this mode, Windows does not prevent background apps from consuming more power than necessary. Better performance mode limits some resource usage for many background apps, but it still emphasizes management more than efficiency.

The better mode can deliver a much longer battery life than the settings that came default on previous versions of Windows. Battery-saver mode is often in the form of a slider that appears when your Windows machine is unplugged, which actively reduces screen brightness by up to 30%. It also actively prevents Windows updates and suspends a majority of the background apps.

3. Keep an eye on your battery’s health

Even if you acquire portable laptop batteries from the best dealers like Portatilbateria, they will still lose charging capacity over time. Eventually, they will need to be replaced. Understanding a battery’s health should be a priority for any severe laptop user. The best laptops can automatically monitor the temperature history as well as the charging patterns of each battery. This info is leveraged to adjust the “full” charging level of the laptop steadily below 100% if the user does not utilize it regularly.


All batteries are liable to lose charging capacity over time. It is always a good idea to keep an eye on the battery’s health. You can also invest in the suitable portable laptop batteries from Portatilbateria.