Safety Measures to Prevent Rotary Screw Compressor Failure

Rotary screw Compressors can face failure due to many reasons like poor maintenance, electrical issues, lifespan, etc. Some important Safety measures that can prevent the Rotary screw compressors from failing are the following, which will save the screw compressor from further harm.

Ways to Prevent Compressor from Breakdown

Some of the ways that can protect the Rotary Screw compressor from damage or harm or following

Preventive Maintenance

The lack of maintenance can lead to premature failure of the rotary screw compressor. Using the wrong filters of any other compressor can damage the compressor. If you are using the wrong lubricant in the compressor it will also damage the compressor that will require costly repair. Monthly inspection is important so it can prevent costly repairs and complete failure.

Inspection of Wiring

The compressor needs a professional inspection of the wiring to check whether it is okay or not. Wiring issues can cause acid buildup that can damage many components of the Compressor. During the monthly inspection of wiring, technicians can replace the faulty wire before it leads to big damage.


The compressor plays the role of the heart, lubricating the compressor keeps it healthy and it works properly without any hurdles. If you don’t change the oil regularly it will cause the compressor to fail due to overheating and corrosion.


Overheating cause great damage to the compressor, as an excessive amount of heat is harmful to the machinery. The compressor works at an optimal temperature to function properly, if the temperature is increased it will not work properly and will cause failure and breakdown of the compressor.

Air Contamination

Rotary screw air compressors are the most reliable, they need clean air for compression. When air enters the compressor, the air and oil join together, this process makes the operation of the compressor easy. Any contaminants in the can mix with oil and can reduce the lifespan of the compressor

Electrical Issues

Electrical equipment has a high tolerance. Electrical equipment has different variances. The air compressor has a variance range. If you see that the air compressor is facing some issues due to the electric motor that is running on high and low voltages. Electric motors are costly so you should perform routine electrical maintenance.

Proper Installation

When installing an air compressor you should keep something in mind, like you should place the compressor at a location where there is low contaminated air, if you put the air compressor at a location where contamination is high the compressor will fail.

Failing to fit an air compressor to its permanent home, can create damaging vibration and create failure. Improper ventilation can cause overheating.

Cleaning Of Ac Coils

Debris, dirt, and other pollutants are stuck on the coil of the AC. After this compressor has to do extra work to remove heat that is produced by contamination. The cause of AC compressor failure is overheating, you should not ignore the warning sign, because if you delay it can cause more damage to the system.

Install Voltage Monitor

A voltage meter or surge protector is installed to protect the compressor against high voltage, low voltage, or power surges. Some surge protectors even give a warranty on the compressor in case the compressor gets damaged or break down.

Keep the Suction Line Clean

Compressors work at optimal temperature and pressure. If the pressure or temperature is raised or decreased it will affect the function of the compressor. When the suction lines are blocked due to dirt or contamination, it will increase pressure on the compressor which will cause overheating.

Only Call Qualified Professional

When you are fitting a compressor or repairing it, you should call a professional technician so he can sort out the problem easily. An unqualified technician can cause damage to the compressor as he does not know the refrigerant liquid level, he can overfill it which will put pressure on the compressor and lead to failure.


Rotary screw compressors need some maintenance, to work properly. You should inspect wires, lubrication, refrigerant level, and Contamination in Air to protect the compressor from damage. The precautions above help to save the compressor from failure and damage.