6 Main Factors That Impact The Cost Of Wholesale Hair Bundles

Hair bundles are usually a group of high-quality hair extensions assembled by a ribbon. The hair bundles are usually sold to make hair weaves. For most retailers, wholesale hair bundles are more affordable than buying a sing hair bundles at a time. Additionally, wholesale hair is usually available at different prices. The various prices are achieved due to several factors. Below are the six main factors that impact the cost of wholesale hair bundles.

Factors that affect the cost of wholesale hair bundles

1.      The shipping cost

Transaction and shipping costs usually impact the end price of a product. For retailers, every cost of getting the whole hair bundles to the shop’s location plays a crucial role in the product’s pricing. Therefore, the amount of money spent on shipping impacts the cost of the wholesale hair bundles. Different hair suppliers have different shipping policy requirements. Therefore, before you make a purchase, ensure to go to the supplier’s website and read the shipping policy terms. Some suppliers offer shipping fee discounts for goods of a certain amount. Thus, it is essential to note every detail in the shipping policy.

2.      Hair quality of the wholesale hair bundles

Various wholesale hair types are priced differently. One of the major reasons for the different prices is the hair quality. Generally, hair quality is categorized into 10A, 9A, 8A, and 7A. The 7A hair bundle is the lowest quality hair; thus, the cheapest in comparison to10A. Even though some hair, such as Remy’s hair, are known for their quality, they also exist in different grades. The higher the grade, the more expensive the hair will be; thus, the more expensive the wholesale bundle.

3.      The quantity of the hair bundles

Different consumers have different requirements for the quantity of the wholesale hair bundles. Therefore, the more is demanded, the higher it will be priced. For example, purchasing five hair bundles is more expensive than purchasing three.

4.      Hair lengths

Generally, human hair bundles exist at different hair lengths. The various hair lengths ensure that the demands of various consumers are met. Additionally, the different hair lengths are priced differently. For example, a 10-inch virgin human hair costs around $ 163.00, while an 8-inch one costs $144. Therefore, the price of your wholesale hair bundle will depend on the hair length. The higher the hair length, the more expensive the hair bundle. The opposite is true; the lower the hair length, the cheaper the hair bundle.

5.      Hair density

Some human hair is denser than others. The hair thickness characterizes hair density. Therefore, the more dense your human hair bundle is, the more expensive the wholesale hair will be.

6.      Type of human hair

Human hair can either be processed or unprocessed. Processed hair involves using chemicals such as dyes and other factory processes. But the unprocessed hair does not have any chemicals. The unprocessed hair bundle is more expensive than the processed hair bundle.


Generally, purchasing wholesale hair bundles is much cheaper than a single hair bundle. But several factors also ensure that different hair bundles have different prices. The above factors will guide you on why different wholesale hair bundles are priced differently.